Is Hesitating To Sell Your House in Virginia Really Costing You?

Hesitating or rather putting off selling your house in Virginia can end up costing you a lot of money! Learn how much in our latest post!

Most people don’t realize just how much their home is costing them. These costs and emotional pain are even more brutal if you don’t like the home you’re living or the investment property you own. Loosing thousands on a house each month simply doesn’t make sense. So what do you do?

Keep reading to explore just a few of the costs you are stuck with by hesitating to sell your house in Virginia!

1st – Your Mortgage

The average mortgage in the United States costs homeowners $1,100 dollars each month. Over several months, this can add up to thousands of dollars you are spending out of pocket just to continue with the purchase of a home that you may not be truly happy with. Why continue throwing your money at an unwanted property when you could be using it for something you truly love?

2nd – Homeowners Insurance

This one can vary greatly depending on your property and where you live, your insurance rate can range from several hundred to several thousand dollars per year. When you add this to all the other costs, you may be surprised at how high your bills really are.

3rd – Property Taxes

Even if you tell yourself ” I plan on selling my Virgina house eventually ” , you are responsible for the property taxes for the home up until the day of closing. Keep in mind, property taxes vary widely by state, but you break it all down, you could be looking at a few hundred dollars each month. With a direct sale to, your tax obligation could end in a few days as opposed to months down the road.

4th – Maintenance and Repairs

You may not realize it but Routine repairs, cleaning costs, and landscaping needs can all add up fast. The cost of repairs and regular maintenance is surprising to many homeowners, especially when they total everything up, seeing their costs in black and white. You might be very surprised to see how much you are really spending to own your house in Hampton Roads.

5th – Utility Bills & Other Fees

Whether you are living in the house or not, your still faced with paying utility costs each month. Often electricity, water, gas will all need to stay on until the property is sold. This could mean doubling your utility bills if you are living somewhere else. In addition to utilities, many homeowners have to pay HOA fees or property management costs. This is not the case for everyone, however it is a realty for many.

6th – Time You Don’t Get Back

What are you missing out on by continuing to hold on to your unwanted property?  If you decide to list your house in Hampton Roads, the process can take months. Working with a real estate agent provides no guaranteed closing date. Even if your neighbor’s house sold quickly, yours could be on the market for months. Ask yourself this question. Can I afford that? I get emails all the time saying ” I’m thinking of Selling my House in Virginia. Can you help?” or  ” How Can I Sell my House in Virgina ?” I always ask, do you want to sell your house fast in Virgina or can you afford to go the longer route?

Lastly – Frustration, Stress, and Anger

What’s the point in letting a house stress you out? Sometimes we find ourselves in difficult situations just because we have become so used to them. Maybe the roof always leaks or the house doesn’t stay warm in the winter. The truth is, you don’t have to deal with it anymore. With a direct sale to, you’ll be able to end all of your worries and frustrations regarding the property. You will be able to sell your house for a great price no matter what condition the house is in. You will immediately be able to end the stress, frustration, and anger so you can move on fast.

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